We  work with local ACP manufacturers to produce products which must comply with our strict production methodologies and international laws during the production of such products. The local factories/manufacturers must have international certifications and must comply with international standards.

Our production technology methodology and products

Oxo-biodegradable additives

This is a two step process with this type of technology.

Step 1: Is the oxidation stage that involves the breakdown molecular structure of a plastic product by merely reacting to oxygen in the atmosphere.

·         The product begins to lose physical strength and properties within needed time from pre-determined time period.

·         And then fragments into small particles that are harmless to the environment.

 Step 2: Is the biodegration stage using this type of technology

·         Following the oxidation stage microorganisms in the environment will then consume the plastic as fuel to produce energy.

·         The endproducts are the same as if they were eating organic material (water, CO2 and waste).

 Quick chemistry points:

·         Additives are catalysts that cause the reaction to happen faster.

·         Heat and UV light increase speed of the oxidation process.

·         The thicker the product, the longer the biodegradation process as there is less exposure of plastic available to react.

 Degradation locations:

·         Plastic with oxo-biodegradable additives will degrade in some landfills where oxygen is present.

·         Landfill operators would like biodegradation to collect gases created from the process so they can sell them for profit.

·         Oxo-biodegradables are compostable once they have degraded.

·         Oxo-biodegradables are completely recyclable.

Once in the recycle stream, they are diluted to the point where the additive is in insufficient quantities to commence the molecular breakdown of the plastic and does not cause any harmful reactions to recycled material.


ECOFLEX–M is a non-toxic oxo-biodegradable additive that does not contain heavy metals. It is currently used in food contact applications (plastic trays, coffee cups, plastic bags, stretch film, film for food packaging and other products used to package food) worldwide.

Using the oxo-biodegradation process, time, ambient heat, and/or UV light, will completely oxidize the plastic. Oxidation reduces the molecular weight of the plastic and allows for oxygen containing functional groups to form within the polymer. This allows microorganisms to further biodegrade the polymer once it has been disposed of.

Advantages of using EcoFlex–M

·         EcoFlex–M works well with all PE and PP resins.

·         EcoFlex–M is a masterbatch; only 1% - 5% or less by weight is required.

·         EcoFlex–M can be used in clear film.

·         Moisture is not a problem with EcoFlex–M.

·         Degradation rate can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the loading (in other words we can pre-determine the usable shelf life before degradation commences).

·         No process or equipment changes are required when using EcoFlex–M, if you have compounder you can make finished additives at your factory.

The time frame for degradation is up to the customer. They determine the lifecycle needed, for example: manufacturing, shipping, storage, usage, and disposal, all of which must be factored in. We can help to determine with the correct amount needed for almost any lifecycle.

The amount of additive needed is about 1% - 2%. Thicker items may need 3% - 5%, which is a great added value for any product with very little cost needed per product. Additives are easily incorporated into any product.

EcoFlex–M does not require extra equipment and does not change the color of products. It is non-toxic and tested for contact with sensitive plant and animal life. It complies with the FDA and EU requirements for food packaging.

Easy to incorporate into production

No special techniques or handling of product is required because our additives are treated just like color additives or master batch. There is no need for any capital investment in new equipment.


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