We endeavor to involve and work with local manufacturers of common and traditional disposable products to enable them to incorporate and integrate our new technologies into their production processes so that they are able to adopt and maximize the production of environmentally friendly end products. 

Meet Government Mandated Requirements

The number of countries implementing plastic related environmental standards is continually growing. All additives meet the requirements of various government environmental policies worldwide for sale and use.

ASTM Accelerated Lab test

The samples below were exposed for 300 hours to thermo-oxidative conditions (70° C / 50% relative humidity), and photo-oxidative conditions (60° C UV-light / 50° C condensation), as per ASTM D-5510 and ASTM D-5208 respectively. The objective was to determine the degradation end-point as per ASTM D-3826 for each sample, and to see which sample offered the best stability while showing degradation.

Conclusion; Shelf life stable for 2 years in normal warehouse conditions. 12/14 months degradation time frame after disposal.

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